• Assistance

    WCDP provides assistance only. We do not direct the communities to do a project.

  • Development

    WCDP is dedicated to comprehensive, multi-sectoral development.

  • Ownership

    WCDP demands full community support and participation by working with an established local CBO

  • Sustainability

    Communities avail descriptions on how they will run for long term sustainability.

How WCDP Works

1CBO Contact, Visit and Survey

WCDP is contacted by a Community Based Organization (CBO), WCDP then visits the CBO and verifies authenticity, conducts capacity assessment and evaluates community and finally WCDP works with CBO to complete a community survey.

2Seeking Loans and Submission

WCDP seeks applications from multiple groups within the community and helps them develop project proposals that work together towards common community development goals and the Community Based Organizations submit loan requests.

3Raising funds and Funding Loans

WCDP raises funds for those loans through online giving and lending program then WCDP funds program, regardless of whether full loan amount was raised, though we seek a minimum of 25% to be raised before funding.

4Getting Paid Back

Loan is paid by CBO to WCDP in monthly installments, usually over a 2 year period, at a typical rate of 2% per month and Charitable lenders have their accounts credited as payments come in from the CBOs they supported for redistribution or to be withdrawn from program.





WCDP also offers Voluntourism Opportunities so you can work in the communities we support.

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